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I was introduced to Postcards about 35 years ago. It was via a Shop Window-advert “Postcards wanted” I went into the shop and spoke to the owner . In the next week or so I purchased a collection of Postcards at an Auction on behalf of the shop owner, she allowed me to catalogue the collection and my interest was born.

I was very lucky to have 2 postcard Mentors, one a Dealer (Des Layton) and the other a top collector (Norman Ellis) who taught me the ways and means of Postcards.

After I bought my first collection I attended, as a Dealer, the Postcard Show at Rounday Park in Leeds. I remember my first important sale (Cards of Motor Cycles) – They must have been good as I’ve never acquired similar cards since.

The first Fair that I organised was at Dewsbury for the Postcard Club, since then I promoted shows at Sheffield, Blackpool, Doncaster, and Hessle (nr. Hull). I took on the task of introducing Postcard Fairs at Gateshead International Stadium which then transferred to Chester-le Street.

In 2000 I set up the show at Yeovil. It was an immediate success and after 6 years moved to Shepton Mallet and called the show “Festivalofcards”. Since then I have introduced Huntingdon (Godmanchester) into the Festivalofcards band wagon.

Now here we are, much older and possibly not much wiser, trying to compete with the Internet. What next !!!!!


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Here’s a little bit about Festival of Cards and our show “genie” …Barrie

We have now been operating for 18 years

We organise only 1 show per year

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Our show attracts around 140 dealers, including dealers from overseas. This makes it one of the largest and most diverse shows on the national and international calendar

Festival of Cards

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